Sunday, July 5, 2009

Why we chose Healthscore...

The Healthscore assessment is a unique, scientific health assessment designed to accurately measure your individual level of health.

While your Healthscore provider may choose to modify the examination, the data for your Healthscore report is collected in three steps

1. Health Risk Appraisal (HRA). This detailed questionnaire addresses risk factors and lifestyle habits. Participants will fill out this questionnaire online, after having been administered a username and password through their Healthscore testing facility.
2. Comprehensive physical examination by a Healthscore trained wellness provider. This examination has been uniquely designed to help your provider better assess your unique health needs.
3. Laboratory testing for important research-based markers of risk that are not yet used by most practicing physicians. Depending upon your provider, this blood test will either be collected onsite at your testing facility or at a conveniently located medical lab.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Are you healthy, or just not sick?

Healthscore was developed based on a new paradigm. The current medical paradigm places people in one of two categories: they are either 'healthy' or 'sick'. Rather than simply detecting disease, Healthscore measures health along a continuum that allows individuals to identify problems that matter to them - before they reach the clinical disease state. Consider:
• Elevated blood pressure can be deadly at levels that doctors do not treat
• Pre-diabetes puts your risk of diabetes at 40% - and it is preventable
• 46% of cardiac deaths occur in people with normal cholesterol levels.
Healthscore has helped hundreds of individuals achieve a better understanding of their health. To learn more about integrating Healthscore technology into your wellness programs contact…
Virginia @ 613 728 9414.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Tools For Your Business… make an effort, feel better, move forward.

Tools For Your Business… make an effort, feel better, move forward.

Healthscore has the wellness solutions to match your corporation's specific needs. Keenan Health Centre is eager to provide your organization with innovative wellness solutions.

Some of the services provided by Dr. Keenan via Healthscore include:

Health Risk Appraisals
Comprehensive Health Exams
Executive Wellness Programs
Seminars and retreats
Onsite Wellness Programs
Pre-Employment Medicals
Database/Aggregate Reporting

To learn more about integrating Healthscore technology into your wellness programs contact Virginia at 613 728 9414.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Corporate Wellness and Healthscore

Dr. Keenan was one of the first Wellness Practitioners in Ottawa to recognize the quality of Healthscore. Healthscore has been designed to improve the quality of corporate health initiatives while quantifying the costs of said initiatives.
This is accomplished in two ways:

• Improved Diagnostics
• Intelligent Reporting

At Keenan Health Centre, we can help your company directly correlate health measures to productivity and financial impact. More importantly, we can provide your employees with the knowledge and tools to positively affect these measures.

Areas that may be affected with Healthscore include:
• Reduced future drug spending and medical care costs.
• Decreased absenteeism and turnover.
• Reduced worker’s compensation and disability claims.
• Improved productivity, morale and desire to work.
• Improved recruiting success and employee perceptions.

Virginia is available to answer your questions at 613 728 9414.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where to Begin ... Health Risk Appraisals.


Keenan Health Centre is committed to providing your company with the highest standard in corporate wellness. Your group has unique needs and our HRA can help everyone better understand what those needs are – for today and into the future.


The benefits of implementing a Health Risk Appraisal tool into your company are numerous. From reduced drug spending to improved population health, whatever your organization’s goal, HRAs are the first step in that process. Health risk appraisals are a new technology that provide valuable information to all corporate stake-holders including employers, employees and insurers. Keenan Wellness Centre uses Healthscore, the benchmark in the industry.

HRAs are easy to implement and provide 100% confidentiality! Employees are issued usernames and passwords to complete the short 20 minute online questionnaire (paper copies also available). Health-score then provides each user with their own confidential on-line site complete with scoring, wellness tools and health resources. Employers receive detailed aggregate reports that provide critical insight into the health, lifestyle and insurance needs of the corporation. Better reporting allows corporate decision makers to make intelligent decisions for present and future health and insurance needs.

Talk to Virginia at (613) 728-9414.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Corporate Wellness

Dr. Dirk Keenan and his team provide safe, effective chiropractic

care for personal health, family and corporate wellness.

Chiropractor Neck pain, Back pain

Dr. Keenan uses low force adjustments known as the Activator Method to gently correct common problems that include headaches, neck pain and back pain. Through chiropractic neck adjustments and chiropractic back adjustments, Dr. Keenan is able to relieve muscle stress and restore mobility to a sore back.

Personal Wellness Diabetes, Obesity

The Keenan Health Centre is one of Ottawa’s first practices to be designated a Centre of Excellence for First Line Therapy. Their program addresses the management and prevention of common lifestyle related diseases and conditions including type one diabetes, type two diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Keenan’s success is rooted in an integrated health management team that includes Doctors, Chiropractors, Naturopathic Doctors, registered massage therapists, allergy correction clinics, personal trainers, herbalists, counselors and natural health care practitioners.

Corporate Wellness Stress Prevention

Dr. Keenan recognizes that stress, obesity and tobacco use are the leading causes of workplace loss-of-time and reduced productivity. Workplace health promotion supports employers and helps employees manage health issues within the work environment.

Keenan Health Centre has created Employee Wellness Programs that provide measurable results and realistic alternatives to financially unsustainable drug driven benefits programs. The cornerstone of the Employee Wellness Program is the Healthscore Health Risk Appraisal, a comprehensive study and one-stop solution to increasing productivity and reducing workplace injury claims.

Natural Health Practitioners Careers

If you are interested in personal wellness, company wellness, neck headache issues or massage, then we would like to hear from you.